Know Your Customers.
In the shop and away.

Retailers add more detailed information while the consumer is in-store, then also take advantage of broad preference data.

Bezirk consumers
communicate product and
behavioral preferences
with your devices and systems.

Imagine knowing that your customer is in the shoe department, handling shoes. Retailers can access preference and product recommendation data right from the smart phone. Bezirk tells you she like red Jimmy Choo stilettos.

Bezirk's flexible models
serve multiple industries.

Bezirk's models suit a variety of industries, including retail, target marketing, healthcare, smart offices, smart homes, mobility, and car-hire.

The same preference data, with new models are often put back to work immediately.

The Big Picture

Bezirk puts consumers in control of their own data. Consumer preferences are calculated in real time and stored securely. These preferences prompt better deals.

No cloud exploitation again. Consumers are catching on. Get the electronic benefits of digital data, without giving away privacy. Retailers may still win just the same with true Customer Intimacy.

What It Does

Bezirk acts as a consumer’s smart listener. It assures that needs are met by the transaction systems just by the consumer walking in, that preferences are met by the machines and devices at approach, or even guided to preferred products.

Bezirk enables consumers to control the data from behavioral and preferential data from electronic interactions. Bezirk communicates with the devices surrounding you, assuring that you have control, and may command these devices to your liking. Bezirk listens and observes consumer choices and behavior, then builds models for ready use as the consumer sees fit. Bezirk tracks your location both outdoors and indoors. While indoors, Bezirk may link your location to preferred products.

How it Works

Bezirk offer three solutions which work together to bring unique value to consumers and industry solution providers.

The first solution is the Bezirk Platform, which enable standard secure communications among disparate apps and devices. The second solution is the BEYOND personalization engine, which models your preferences and behaviors.

How You Benefit

The world is becoming increasingly complex. What seems to be a simple search engine is evolving into a question and answer platform. Bezirk is a stimulus and response platform.

You enter a room. You enter a mall, a hospital, your office. You will soon be armed with your private ability to take control, before you environment controls you. This time the stakes are much higher. The rewards for industry and the seller are tremendous. With Bezirk, industry gets a view of your larger world, while you are afforded the privacy you deserve and will demand.

IoT Platform

Bezirk is a consumer’s private concierge. Needs are met by transaction systems when the consumer walks in. Learn more about our IoT Platform...


Know your customer! Put the most targeted sales incentive right into your consumers’ hands, every time, while in or out of your store. Learn about BEYOND...


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